Droidcon 2015 Winners <3 Raspberry Pi

Congratz for the 5 happy winners of our Droidcon 2015 lottery! Here's what we're handing each happy winner: Enjoy! The Ultimate Hacker Box There's a lot »

Lazy Loading of AngularJS Components

AngularJS can be a great client-side framework for web application development - when done right. It lets you organize your code and make it more readable, »

Long names and paths in Windows

Has this ever happened to you? I was working on a project recently where I had to delete files and folders that are nested in deep »

The trouble of having multiple message schedulers on a service bus

When you're using a service bus, scheduling messages such as heartbeats and scheduled maintenance may seem like a simple task. But if you run into the »

Good-bye WCF: Using WebApi for Exposing Controller Contracts

Motivation WebApi 2 introduced a new type of routing, called attribute routing. As the name implies, attribute routing uses attributes to define routes and gives you »